Introduction to SEO

Achchalamualaikum. Hope everybody is doing very well. So in today’s episode we will discuss SEO. Hopefully after today’s episode you will fully understand what SEO is.

So let’s start without talking. digital marketing course

What does SEO mean?

The full meaning of the word SEO is “search engine optimization“. Meanwhile, we can guess something related to search engine optimization.

This will be clearer if we think a little more practical. Suppose I want to buy a laptop computer, now to buy a laptop computer I need to know the price of that relationship, what is the actual price of a laptop?

How does Google SEO work?

Now how do I know the price? Maybe I can go directly to the laptop store and find out the price from there, maybe I opened the internet on my computer at home and from here I typed “Laptop Price in Bangladesh” and we did a search. And all of us who use the internet have searched for our information at some point in life.

So I went to Google and searched. As soon as we search, we will see that we have come across a number of websites in Bangladesh, on which we can find different information about laptop computers and from here I can easily find out that information.

Now here’s what I’ve searched for. I went to and searched. The role of here is that Google is a search engine. Search engine means software or an online website where we can easily find our information by searching. This means that is playing the role of search engine here. And that turned out to be the information I searched for.

Notice one thing here- have you ever wondered? Although is an American organization, are Bangladeshi websites showing up here? Even in search results, Startech Computer is now number one in Bangladesh. This is a local computer website in our country.

Google Search Result

Now the question is how did Startech Computer get into the search engine of American organization even though it is a Bangladeshi website? So has the authority of this website paid any money to Google? These websites have come up in Google search results as a result of their agreement with Google to bring in search results here?

Not that optimization has resulted in Google’s search results

That optimization is basically called SEO or search engine optimization. Simply put, Google’s optimization of my website is called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization techniques

The only job of search engine optimization is to make my websites appear on Google when people search for any topic related to my website so that my website appears in the search engine results. This is basically the job of SEO.

Why is there so much talk about SEO?

I hope you understand about SEO. But now a question came to my mind that it is a simple matter, we searched on Google and came to our website and found this simple and this one small thing centered around why so much is heard around.

Because if you have heard of online earning or the name of freelancing but have not heard of it in our country, or if you have not heard of SEO, then remember that you may have missed something very big.

Or if you don’t have knowledge of SEO, you will sometimes feel ashamed in life no matter what sector you work in on the internet. Lack of SEO knowledge. So why is SEO so important despite being such a small and simple matter?


Why do we listen to SEO all around? The answer to this question we will discuss in detail with you in the next episode so far today. I invite you to watch the next episode, God bless you.