In this episode of SEO we will learn about the importance of SEO. At first we didn’t see a small statistic given by the search engine In 2016, the total global marketplace for SEO was around 75 million.

That means six thousand five hundred million US dollars. And according to the information given by them, it is estimated that by 2020, the total global marketplace of SEO will be 69 billion US dollars, 8 thousand 900 million US dollars, which is equivalent to several lakh crores if Bangladesh is converted.

SEO Statistics

SEO Statistics

Now in the last episode we saw that we will have a website. If you search on Google with any topic of that website, you will find that this is the main theme or main basis of SEO. Why is there such a big industry in the world using this small thing? You may think that this multi-crore industry is search engine optimization. So what is the secret behind this SEO? And why are people spending so much money every year? So let’s unravel the mystery.

Why is SEO important for your online success?

First we need to understand that SEO is a big part of digital marketing. This means that SEO is a very big part of marketing. So to learn SEO we must have an idea about marketing. To understand the importance of SEO let us first discuss a little bit about the traditional marketing system or the traditional advertising system.

What is a traditional advertising system?

Like when we were young we saw advertisements in newspapers, we saw advertisements on TV, we saw advertisements on billboards. What are these ads usually like? I sit on the TV to watch a program, I open the newspaper to watch the news or read the news, there I am doing an ad show in the middle.

Did I really tell the advertising companies to show me the ads? I told the newspaper company to show me the advertisement? Did I tell the TV channels that in the television industry I was sitting in the middle of my program watching a movie, watching a cooking show, watching a program, did I ever want to be shown an ad in between? Never.

That means I never wanted to be shown but I was being shown by force. What is the reason? Because I want to see my favorite thing on TV, I am being shown advertisements in its space. Now think a little more I am a boy showing me an ad for a ladies product. Now the advertisements are shown on TV. They are all boys and girls, big and small, but everyone sees the same advertisement. And the ad is advertised to everyone. Now a product has a certain number of customers, just like a ladies product has a certain number of customers. But not everyone is a customer of that product. Even though not everyone is a customer, since there is no other way, everyone sees these ads in newspapers on TV.

This means that not everyone is a customer and not all products are bought. And showing up in a whole market for which the cost is going up a lot but I can’t target whether I can show my customer specifically or not? This is one of the biggest weaknesses of our traditional marketing system. And a lot of money is wasted here, but what about SEO?

What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

As in the case of SEO, I gave you an example a little while ago that I need to buy a laptop. I want to know the price of a laptop. What did I do in that case? I opened Google and searched on Google that “Laptop Price in Bangladesh” then Google Bangladeshi websites came with me.

Now I can find out about the price of a laptop by entering those websites. Suppose here that the first website I see is if we enter this website now.

Now I am on website. By searching on Google. Now this people who are the authority of the website have entered their website to see the price of laptop computer from Dhaka.

This is where I got into their web site but completely into my own needs. And seeing that I am interested in my laptop, I google “Laptop Price in Bangladesh”. And accessing their website. This means that in the traditional marketing system, whether people are interested in your product or not, you are taking the advertisement of your product to everyone. But in the case of SEO, only when the customer wants to know about himself or when he needs to, he searches on Google and enters your website.

Super Laser Targeted Traffic

That means it’s the other way around. In this case, the people who are coming to your website are super laser targeted traffic. Traffic means that the people who enter your website are called traffic or visitors. I hope you can catch at least some of the marketing. For your convenience I repeat once again- “Our traditional marketing system is that companies are delivering ads to everyone, whether you are interested or not. It takes a lot of money for the customer’s market or for you to reach everyone but sales are not coming that way.” . “

The benefits of SEO for your business

In this case, the customer will go to you by searching on Google with his headache when he needs it. In that case, the customers who are coming must be highly interested in your product. So this is Fast Reason. The people who are coming to your website are basically your target people.

Conversion rate

Targeted people are coming who have an interest in your product. What we are getting from here is high conversion rate. A high conversion rate means a ratio of how many people came to your store and how many people bought your store’s products. Suppose you have a clothing store where 100 people come and 50 or 60 people buy clothes from your store then the conversion rate of your store will be 50 or 60%. In the same way, in this SEO, the customer is entering your website according to his own needs, so there is a great chance to buy your product.

But when we read the newspaper, I have no desire to see the ad. But the ad is being fixed right in front of me. In that case my will is very low. I can’t buy it. But when I search on Google I am searching on Google for my own needs. In that case the possibility of buying the product increases a lot. For this reason, there is a high conversion rate all the time. A large percentage of people buy products from websites.

What is SEO about?

Now you can say brother SEO is always just the product’s e? Isn’t that something else?

There is no saying on your website that you will always sell products. You can give different information to people. You can share different things on different topics. People can see them. There is no question that the product will be sold. Whatever the purpose of your website, the percentage of achieving that purpose is much higher in this SEO. And the most important thing is that the websites have come here.

You can see here maybe you are wondering why I keep saying this from this website. I am not saying who is the upper one. The above is the advertising Google earns from now on. E.g.

See here, here is a short ad. The ad that is written above this is just for money. As long as the authority of this site pays Google, that website will be at the top. And this website will not be on top if you pay the bond. I hope you understand. However, the results we see below are totally free. These sites do not have to pay a single penny to come to the top position of Google.

This is the funniest part of SEO. If you do SEO and someone searches for your product or the topic of your website, if your website is in the top position or if you can come in the ranking of Google, then free people will enter your website from there for free. Will buy the product from. This means automatic promotion.

This is the main secret of SEO and billions of rupees are spent on SEO every year. And there is no easier source than this. From where so many people will come to your website and so many will sell. And this is the easiest way.

What is the reason? The reason is that whenever we need to know something, what do we do? I do a Google search and we don’t know the information we need. Even in our country there is a proverb now that, “It doesn’t matter if you have Google Mama, ask Google Mama” Mama will tell you everything.

Does this mean that I am doing this Google search? Now if I am completely free of cost, I can get Google’s results for my product related search without paying a single penny to Google, then see how easily I can get sales from there. Quite easily. And this is why so much money is spent on SEO every year. Hope you understand.

Super Strong brand value.

Then another important factor is the strong brand value.

Suppose I did a Google search for the laptop “Laptop Price in Bangladesh”. The first website I came across was Ryans Computer and I personally know that Ryans is a computer selling company Hot Ever. The first thing I saw was the number one website

Now whenever I go to the market on my computer I will find a startech showroom without my knowledge. Because I searched and found their website. And I already knew about their website. This means that unknowingly my subconscious mind is registering the startech’s website or this brand name. Whenever I go to different computer markets, no matter where I go, if I think of anything computer related, my startech name will come to mind. Or here I searched on the laptop, if I think of anything about the laptop, the name of my startech will come to mind. The reason is that whenever I search Google for laptops, I get startech number one and I will have a good understanding with them through this SEO. And that will ultimately register in my head and very easily this is how big companies create brand value.

And these are the brand values ​​when I go to the market and buy products from their store without knowing it I will go into their store and buy products from their store. Be it today or 5 days later. This is basically the most important reason for SEO. This is why there is so much talk in the online marketing industry and to be honest the online marketing industry cannot be imagined without these.

Those who read this post from the beginning to the end I think you have nothing left to understand how important they are to SEO. And to be honest SEO is something many of us learn a lot of video tutorials see a lot of courses online, but why do people dance so much with SEO? Why only SEO, SEO, SEO, SEO wherever you look.

And if you know what is really needed, then you will go too, but you can make a big business plan, you can do a lot of big business, if you have a little bit of will power, but I will never understand.

Last word

In this episode we learned about the importance of SEO. Now we understand that there are a lot of other marketing systems, but why is SEO so valuable? I am getting customers very easily through SEO. Traffic is coming very easily, but again laser target traffic.

And we found out that normal marketing system companies have to go to the customer with the product advertisement, but the SEO customer comes to my website to buy my product by searching on Google for his own needs. Then see how much fun.

Customers are coming to me on their own to buy products. For the product from me. So this is the main secret.

If you don’t have a crystal clear idea about this when you learn SEO then I personally think there is no need for you to learn SEO. Because you have to learn SEO after clearing this subject. And I hope those who have read this post are not going to have confusion in SEO. If you still have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, everyone will be fine. If you like it so far today, please let me know in the comments. I am saying goodbye today by inviting me for the next post, Allah Hafiz will be fine.

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